The Leadership School has established itself with a successful strategy taht promoves the upbringing and strenghtening of leaders committed to the development of their communities. Using Metodología Convivencial Tiempo de Juego (Convivial Methodology), which makes use of the individual abilities of the people involved with the Foundation, leadership has acquired a new meaning guiding children and young adults towards positive and viable life paths.  


In this context, the main objective of the Leadership School is the development of lealders with high social commitment that promote and empower community transformation on the territories where Tiempo de Juego participates. que promuevan el empoderamiento y la transformación comunitaria en los territorios de trabajo de Tiempo de Juego. The especific objectives included on the curriculum are:


  • to deliver pedagocical, psychosocial and technical orientations for the development of leaders.
  • Promote new leaders inside Tiempo de Juego through a formation process that is coherent, innovative and repeatable which facilitates the role layed by agents of change inside communities.
  • Inspire community transformations born from empowering agents of change.