Labzuca is the creative laboratory of Cazucá, ran mostly by young leaders from the region. It strives to be the ideal space for the construction of innovative, creative and proffessional projects.


The Casa Cultural El Habitante (El Habitante Culture House) is located at the historical center of the municipality and it's focused on cultural innovation and exploration. It's the place where artists of diverse languages meet to bring life to new ideas and projects. This is the place where dance, music, plastic arts and literature converge.

Es una experiencia de realismo mágico que permite inspirarse e inspirar a otros.

La Casa es un proyecto en el que la Fundación Tiempo de Juego promueve el sentido de pertenencia hacia nuestra cultura e identidad nacional.

El Taller de Screen is born out of the necessity to provide to the more than 1500 girls and boys of Tiempo de Juego a uniform to develop their activities, from seven years ago, Póngale Color (Color it) produces sports wear with the goal to achieve
community transformation.
The utility has a social end goal: To provide an adecuate space where young people linked to the Foundation can be trained on the art of serigraphy, and thus increase their chances to develop an employment relationship.
Special products: Sports uniforms, jacquets, sweatpants and hats , endowments for enterprises and publicitary t-shirts.
Panadería La Jugada (The Play Bakery)
Led by mothers of the Foundation, La Jugada produces the school snacks for all the free time activities and provides services of special snacks, lunches, catering for events. It's also open for the Cazucá, Soacha community.
Bakery products: pastry, mantecadas, sugar cane, bread, cookies, etc. Hojaldres, mantecada, cañas, pan básico,  galletas, etc.
Caffeteria products: Black coffee, infussions, capuccino, beverages, natural juicies.
Restaurant service in Cazucá and catering for the Foundation's special events and enterprises.
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