Strategic alliances with Educational Institutions are stablished wih the goal of articulationg and strenghtening the life project of children and youth and life abilities on aducational agents, through the transformation of educational practices that promote the Metodología Convivencial Tiempo de Juego.


The actions taken on the context of alliances with educational institutions, structure around the Convivial Methodology are:


  • Teacher training It involves three in person encounters and assistance in classrooms about the implementation of Metodología Convivencial Tiempo de Juego
  • Mi Cologio Playtime: Playful activities developed during school breaks to promote children participation on outdoors activities and strenghhhten psychosocial activities.
  • Mi Familia playtime: Playful activities developed with fathers, mothers and guardians to socialize the psychosocial and pedagogical strategies that children and youth experience at schools and outdoors activities.
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