This is one of the mos important programs in Tiempo de Juego. It consits of a free offering of out of school activities involving sports, arts, technology and focused on promoting and developing Skills for Life (OMS, 1990) amongst children and youth.

Technology contributes to the development of skills that enable and facilitate effective communication amongst childre and youth. The use of communication focused technology, social network managment, production and edition of pictures and video and music production, become key strategies for the development of a life project which aligns with current challenges of educational and work environments.

Sports and phisical activity have a critical role of significant importance in the development of children and youth. This activities facilitate learning processes where, through discipline and commitment, healthy habits and lifestyles are born.. Physical activity is understood as any motor action that incurs in an energetic expense and anybody can execute it at any time, while sport makes reference to physical activities that are bound to rules and norms. Children develop physical and sport specific abilities that allow them to develop a healthy and positive life project..

Art and Culture create open spaces of inclusion where the ideas of children and youth are exposed, debated and materialized through artistic products, inside a democratic context of respect and equality of opportunities.Artistic activities allow for children to understand the world in a create, emotional and peaceful manner and thus, face the risks they encounter in their community positively.